Selling Your Beats

This post is for those who are new to beat making and/or music making in general. Please keep in mind that, in the end, these are really just my opinions and not laws. Also, if you are a seasoned pro already, you probably already know this stuff.

However, if you are new and thinking about selling beats now or in the future, there is one thing that you should understand which is common to e’rybody including you.  What is it? It is this:

Your approach to marketing your work and where you focus your efforts is as critical, if not more critical, than the beats that you make.  In other words, without an effective strategy to market your beats, nothing… and  I repeat…  NOTHING…  is ever likely to happen for you under normal circumstances.

Before I continue, let me be brutally honest about something.

At some point, just making beats and filing them away on the hard drive will not be enough. You will want to start selling beats. It can’t be avoided. You are going to want to share your work with others and possibly make some money from them too.

Getting your beats out there and finding the people who want and need them is an obvious key to your success, and it takes GUTS!

Don’t be fooled just because all of your friends and family have told you how great your stuff sounds. If you have not put yourself out there for total strangers to critique and asked them to pay you for it, then you still don’t really know if what you are doing is good enough for selling beats.  And to the uninitiated among you, believe me, for an artist/performer, putting your work out there is really putting YOU out there and it can hurt like hell when they don’t like it because this art/expression stuff is that personal.

Just remember, if and when it happens to you, don’t let it bother you too long. Don’t define yourself by what others think about your work, use your work to define what others think about and keep on moving.

See you at the next post!

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5 Responses to “Selling Your Beats”

  1. Good post.

    You have a typo, “e’rybody”

    Unless that was on purpose.

  2. PattL says:

    Its not easy to sell beats.
    Do your thing an do it with passion. Than you can be successfull ;)

  3. Muzi says:

    How do I sell my beats

    • GuapBeats Admin says:


      To test the waters, try setting up an account at SoundClick and consider some of the battle sites like Rockbattle and be sure to check out Broadjam as well. You should probably put some of your work out for public consumption to get some real feedback about your beats to help you fine tune your game. Also, if you haven’t already, you should get as much information from experienced producers as possible. Try checking out Dynamic Producer for a jump off point. Hope that helps get you started..

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